We are designCORE. A growing team of academics and industry facing creative designers.

  • Hilary Dempsey
    Hilary Dempsey
    designCORE Co-Director
  • Colin Deevy
    Colin Deevy
    designCORE Director
  • Dr. PJ White
    Dr. PJ White
    Design Ethnography
  • Emmet Sexton
    Emmet Sexton
    Academic to Industry Liaison
  • Carmel Maher
    Carmel Maher
    Head of Design Research Practice & Culture
  • Gemma Purcell
    Gemma Purcell
    Industry Specialist
  • Jack Gregan
    Jack Gregan
    Product Designer
  • Pádraig Holmes
    Pádraig Holmes
    Visual Communications Specialist
  • Elise Luo
    Elise Luo
    Design Intern
  • Bernadette Douglas
    Bernadette Douglas
    Medical Service Design Researcher
  • Bryan Leech
    Bryan Leech
    Rapid Manufacturing
  • Pádraic Whelan
    Pádraic Whelan
    Design Technician
  • Rosalind Murray
    Rosalind Murray
    Visual Communications Researcher
  • Chloe Madden
    Chloe Madden
    Design Researcher
  • Sean Finnegan
    Sean Finnegan
    Design Researcher
  • Lee Gaynor
    Lee Gaynor
    Design Researcher
  • Lynne Whelan
    Lynne Whelan
    Design Researcher
  • Sandra Reid
    Sandra Reid
    Design Researcher